All About Diet

Diet is nothing to be scared of ,nothing to go mad about ! It’s just a simple funda of unity. The components of the diet namely carbohydrates, proteins, fats , vitamins and minerals along with water and roughage should all be in ‘unison’. Remember the saying “united we stand” that we all have learnt in our childhood days- it’s the same for our system. There’s nothing more beneficial for the body other than a balanced plate as all its components have their own important functions to play.

Eating Out

When you’re eating out or when on vacation , your intention should be to come back without piling on more weight. With so many temptations around, every vacation ends with excess baggage, be it your accessories, luggage or even your weight. A crash diet after a month long binge is not acceptable. Try and maintain your routine even when in eating out. Balance your meals, drink lots of water when you are on holidays.

Sometimes the brain confuses thirst for hunger, So always stay hydrated and take eight to ten glasses of water every day. Indulge in low fat snacks and avoid excess of aerated drinks. Always eat salads with your meals. Eat food as treats and free your mind to choose healthy. Search for local cuisines and come home to the same you, after all the fun and frolic of the holiday!