You acknowledge that you are not:

  • We take clients up to the age limit of 60yrs
  • Clients who are pregnant or less than six weeks post partum
  • Taking steroids
  • Facing kidney related disorders
  • Cancer
  • Angiography/angioplasty done before 3 months
  • Epileptic clients
  • Undergone any major surgeries 6 months back
  • Nervous system related complications/tumour
  • HIV positive clients
  • Hepatitis
  • Liver problems
  • Lactating 3 months

You acknowledge that any questions concerning your health and your ability to participate in the Weight loss, including the need for changes in medications, have been discussed with your doctor, or will be discussed with your doctor, before you enroll. You acknowledge that you are responsible for your own health and will inform your doctor if you experience any changes in your health while you enroll in the Weight loss.