Nutrition and Metabolism

Metabolism is linked to weight. It influences the body’s basic energy needs. Metabolism is a process by which your body converts what you eat into energy. When the body is at rest, then also it needs energy for functions like breathing etc. If your metabolism is slow, it is really hard to shape up your body. It is then when you need to heal up your metabolism and take the correct diet approaches. If you eat a diet very low in calories, your body would slowly become deficient in nutrients. You would then feel depleted and your weight stuck on the weighing scales.

If one skips meals for a faster weight loss, you tend to feel extremely hungry and overeat at the next meal. Eating too less or not eating at all will never help you to reach your fitness goals. To change your body composition and be fit , you need to make healthy choices in your diet and begin with certain lifestyle changes and be “focused” on loosing those extra kilos. Working out in the gym/exercising etc would help to increase the metabolic rate and bring you closer to your aim.

But remember that more than three-fourths of weight loss depends on dietary factors.Do not eat too less along with exercise as this would surely make you feel tired ,weak and exhausted. Eating the wrong foods at the wrong time can go against your metabolism and hamper your weight loss. Different food groups work for different people depending on their body type.So eat healthy and be positive always!

Eating Myths

Food exists in all kinds of shapes, sizes and forms. Food is not only the fuel your body needs its ‘power’. Staying hungry will never ever benefit your body and this really needs to be made clear that drastically cutting down your calories would never help you to lose weight. When the body is not adequately nourished , the fat burning is not optimum and this leads to muscle loss. The more muscle you lose , the more the fat cells increase which in turn increases the tendency of your body to store more fat when you get back to normal eating. So dear friends, always eat healthier stuff like veggies, fruits, whole grains and help your body work normally.

Paying attention to nutrition becomes crucial to loosing weight and not regaining it. Your body burns calories even during digestion. Studies have proved that eating between meals is not the culprit behind weight gain, provide you’re eating healthy. Instead of packing your day’s nutrients into 3-4 heavy meals, one must eat smaller and more frequent meals so that the body keeps on burning calories through the digestive process.

People believe that when they work out in the gym for long hours, they can eat and indulge in all the calorie dense foods. However, one should understand that there is no other way to loose weight except eating healthy. Exercise only complements this, but can never replace food in loosing weight.