At HealthOnMyPlate, this is precisely what you will get – a customized weight loss program/or any other programme that is suited specifically to your requirements. What you get here is Food Therapy which is crafted particularly to your body chemistry. Since each person is fundamentally different, every person treated here is given an individualised plan for weight loss. Your eating habits and daily lifestyle are closely evaluated. Then based on this, modifications in your diet and lifestyle are prescribed to initiate weight loss. Amongst everyday food choices from your own kitchen, a diet plan is prescribed and this corrects your eating patterns. A variety of vegetables, fresh fruits, cereals, pulses, etc. are included so that there is plenty of variation available for you. Who can do it?

  • This programme is valid for anyone from age group 18-50 yrs (Special cases for obese kids).
  • These programmes are not to be followed by pregnant women or lactating mothers.
  • In case you suffer from any allergies relating to food or otherwise, kindly inform us of the same before beginning the programme.
  • In case you had any medical conditions in the past or have any medical conditions presently, kindly inform us of the same before beginning this programme.