Bhutta/Corns- The monsoon snack

Published By Geeta Mehta

Corn or our loving Bhutta is the perfect snack for the monsoon season. Sitting with a cup of tea and your friends with a bowl of healthy & wholesome corn snack can be the best part of your get together!

Apart form being versatile ( can be roasted, grilled and steamed ) it has a number of health benefits as well listed below-

1) A great source of dietary fiber, corn is easy to digest and prevents constipation.
2) It has carbohydrates that boosts your energy levels and get you going throughout the day!
3) It is known to prevent anaemia as it provides high amounts of iron and minerals to the body.
4) Its a powerhouse of antioxidants which keeps health hazards at bay.
5) Corn is rich in vitamin C which helps in controlling cholesterol as well.

So mix up your salt, chilli powder, chat masala and lemon juice with this great ingredient and enjoy the perfect monsoon snack!

corn3-2.png corn2-1.png corn1-0.png

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