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With google being flooded with numerous articles and information on losing weight sometimes we get so lost and do not understand where to start our journey from. First and foremost the process of weight loss is a consistent process and requires time & effort. No shortcuts work & even if they work they account for a short period of time!

Today I am going to share ten important points which can act as your first step on achieving your goals.


1) Soak some fennel(saunf) or cumin(jeera) or fenugreek(methi) seeds in a glass of water at night. Warm it in the morning then strain and drink. The trick here is to change the seeds every 10 days. Do not end up drinking only one kind of water the entire month.

2) Never Never skip your breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day which curb your hunger pangs for the rest of the day. Have a veggie sandwich or a quarter plate of poha/upma or a bowl of oats or methi/palak paratha with either tea/coffee/milk

3) Include a single fruit around in your diet as a mid morning snack. Either have an orange or apple or guava or pomegranate!

4) Drink a glass of water 15-20 min before lunch. Always include a bowl of salad with lunch.

5) Keep the evening tea & snack simple so that you feel hungry quickly and have your dinner on time. Include a cup of tea or green tea with some roasted chana or murmura or makhanas. And if you don’t like tea have milk with almonds & walnuts or any fruit!

6) Always have a light dinner. Do not over-stuff yourself during dinner time. Again include a bowl of salad here.

7) Include a lot of curry leaves, jeera, methi dana, hing etc in everyday cooking. These small additions to your food give long term benefits.

8) Chew 4-5 curry leaves with water any time in the day.

9) Have at least 2L of water everyday- MUST HAVE

10) Walk for at least 15 min everyday or climb your building stairs at least 3-4 time.

As mentioned before the key is to be consistent and dedicated. Please do follow the above for a week and see the difference!


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