Sample Diet Plan during fasting in navratri

Published By Geeta Mehta

To keep the energy high during fasting and maintaining weight we need to give the body adequate amount of nutrition all day long. Follow the simple diet this navratri and Feel The Difference!

Breakfast: Banana shake with almonds

Mid morning: A glass of lemon water with one apple

Lunch: Samak rice with vegetables and raita

Evening: A cup of green tea and some roasted makhanas

Dinner: Kuttu dosa with coconut chutney or pumpkin soup with veggies


  • Control the intake of kheer
  • Eat snacks like peanuts, makhanas, almonds & walnuts
  • Do not eat lot of namkeens
  • Use skim milk

StayFit StayHealthy!

Happy Navratri!

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